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Green Alchemy Herb & Mercantile Co.

Blendmaster  & Purveyor Since 2005



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Celebrate Every Moment

In 1916 Buna Ioanna came to this country as a young woman with a limited education, a family recipe book rolled in a peasant apron, and a desire to grow her Old World herbs and spices on her own windowsill one day.  In time, Buna Ioanna became a very successful businesswoman and her windowsill remained full of herbs. Her seeds did grow and from them she harvested more precious herbals which she shared with us, her grandchildren. Each cup of her teas became a steaming vessel of alchemy which could touch hearts and warm spirits. And with each sip she offered her vast knowledge of  the power and benefits of those special botanicals. 


Her 21 jars of herbs and spices became the basis for our Herbal Fusion Process and the launch of Green Alchemy Herb & Mercantile Company in 2005.  We are still a family business which proudly and artfully formulates and manufactures over 125 distinctive teas intended to encourage one to linger in the moment, unplug from the day, and invite in the calm.


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Green Alchemy LOGO.png
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