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"Sit a moment--Celebrate a first, a best, an unmatched...Because you deserve it"

Imagine being tasked with creating the essence of a lifetime in a teacup. We see this as our duty with every tea leaf we craft into a superior blend. We strive to have each stockist and patron view the outcome as a superbly crafted formulation of the most complex overtures of every emotion, sweet and bittersweet, exotic and comfortable. Each steaming cup should be evocative of a singularly special and treasured experience worthy of a moment of celebration.

As guardians of a legacy of Old World blending, and as educators and therapists, we saw a culture destined for exhaustion and poor health. Initially, we opened our own doors to friends and community in search  of a moment to reconnect over a simple cup of tea. The first of our blend forulations arose directly from recipes handed down from Buna Ioanna. In time, our initial eight blends caught the attention of Celebrity Chefs we met through our involvement with Discovery Channel which in turn, led us to assuming a role as journalists for publications focused on the business of tea. Eventually, our superior teas were invited to be showcased at the World Tea Expo where they were met with overwhelming praise for their attention to quality and pronounced and distinctive taste profiles, unique at the time for the tea industry. 

We credit our Herbal Fusion Process TM with the reason for our initial and continued success. We identified that the interests of the tea enthusiast were becoming more interested in multi-note profiles, similar to those in the wine industry. Consumers became more adventurous and sought out a detour from the bitterness and aftertastes associated with conventional teas. Green Alchemy became laser focused on developing a new method for curing teas and botanicals, together, in a controlled environment which would saturate the tea leaf with flavor and ensure no bitterness even with prolonged steep times and changes in water temperatures. This single process made it possible for our merchants to guarantee that patrons could sit through an entire meal without worrying about tea becoming bitter and unpleasant. Since 2005 we have been sourcing our merchants in the foodservice sector, most of whom remain loyal to our brand to this day.

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