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WellBody BotanicaTM Collection

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Our WellBodyTM Botanica Teas are ideal for the individual looking for a lifestyle focused on all-day wellness and making more conscious choices.  All of our distinctive blends are superbly formulated to be enjoyed throughout the day, with ingredients chosen for their reputation for calming, balancing, and uplifting the spirit within. 

Antique Pocket Watch


Choose a tea for different times of your day. We offer selections focused on offering you just the right blend of natural and organic botanicals to support your start in the morning, or to calm you as bedtime approaches.

Fallen Leaves


As the season change our body also requires additional supports as well. Our Collection also includes tea blends which include botanicals known to add to overall wellness as we transition from one season to the next.

Spice Market Dubai


Or, choose options to stimulate the  senses. Our thoughtfully curated botanicals and spices are   an ideal means for   feeling transported to a special moment long ago or so far into the whisper of calm.

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